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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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here in las vegas is that the town is is heartbroken but not broken. there's a big difference. we have new information today. we learn ed about the very firs confirmed victim from pennsylvania killed in that attack. now we also learned new information about the gunman stephen paddock. we want to show you new video. it is brand new of the blown out door of paddock's hotel room. you can see one of the weapons on the floor and the crime scene tape. these images have not been independently verified by law enforcement, but the man who police say is responsible for the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. had history now leaves more questions than answers. >> it's been a resilient community. who will not be defined by this sick, disgusting human being. i will never mention his name. >> his name is stephen paddock.
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a wealthy real estate owner who liked guns and video poker. agents searched his hotel room for clues. investigators say he brought 23 firearms, a sledge hammer and hundreds of rounds of ammunition with him to mandalay bay. a gun shop owner remembers paddock as a e repeat visitor. >> found something on our shelf that he like d. it took him a couple different trips before we end up purchasing. >> behind the home, a massive arsenal. police found another 19 weapons exploexives and thousands more rounds of ammunition. neighbors in his quiet nevada town stunned. >> my wife and i bothç were in tears. the shock. we couldn't believe this. >> nbc news learned paddock wired $100,000 to the philippines the week before the shooting. his girlfriend traveled to that country and is scheduled to return to the united states
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tomorrow. president trump is expected to visit here in las vegas tomorrow and meet with the victims, families as well as first responders. he called a sick and demented man. people are beginning to return home now. i spoke last night on nbc 10 news. she sprained hr her ankle running from the gunfire. tonight we caught up with her as she arrived at the airport this morning. >> e we haven't been able to. wrap it around our heads still. it feels like it's a nightmare. it just never ends. the images and sounds, they don't leave your head. sleeping has been a minimum. it's horrible. >> reporter: another womanen couldn't stop hug iging her dad when she arrived. ken see johnson lives in las vegas and is here visiting family. she says the city of las vegas is in a state of shock. one man from the lehigh valley
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was staying at mandalay bay and was two floors be. low the shooter when he opened fire on concert goers down below. steven fisher spoke to that witness who just returned home. >> they came down las vegas boulevard in front of mandalay bay. i never heard that many shots so fast. >> ben sweeney doesn't need a tv to see what happened in vegas. >> so many thoughts are going through my head and my stomach was in a knot. >> reporter: he lived it, witnessing the shooting with his own eyes. >> i was 30 feet away from this guy who was killing all these people and all the shots i heard, one in every three probably ended someone's life. i don't have words to describe it. it's disheartening. >> reporter: he checked in sunday evening booking a room on the 30th floor trying to sleep through the concert noise from down below. at first loud bangs didn't concern him. >> i heard three sounds.
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first came to my mind they are shooting off fireworks. >> reporter: after a brief pause, the shots kept raining down. >> probably 30 bang. s really fast. and a the that point it was coming inside the hotel. >> reporter: confused and scared, he jumped into the bathtub not knowing where the shooting was coming tr. his darkness turned into day, the reality of the shooting came into full sight. >> i saw the concert venue and could see the disaster it was in. i could see the botds with tarps over top of them from my room. >> reporter: he arrived sunday evening there for a work conference, but after the shooting, he took the first plane he could back east to be with his wife, who was on the phone with him when the shooting started. you will hear from her coming up tonight at 5:00. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. we have also confirmed the first murder victim from pennsylvania. we can tell you police says
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coach bill wolf died at the concert. he's from cumberland county southwest of hasteburg. he was celebrating his anniversary with his wife. the two got separated in all the chaos. she was not injured. an emotional post on instagram overnight by jason aldean, who was on stage at the time of the shooting. he wrote, this world is becoming the kind of place i'm afraid to raise my children in. at the end of the day, we aren't democrats or republicans. whites or blacks, men or women. we are all humans and we are all americans and it is time to start acting like it and stand together as one. a live look at the plaza in center city. in a few hours, people will gather for a memorial vigil for the victims and the survivors. governor tom wolf will join anti-gun violence activists at tonight's event which begins at
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6:00. our coverage from las vegas continues at 4:30. an emotional reunion, a shooting victim meets the man who saved had his life on live tv. plus the shooter on camera. the new surveillance of the gunman that's emerged from six years ago. that is e more as our coverage continues on nbc 10 at 4:30. live in las vegas for now, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news here at home out of bucks county this afternoon. a 2-year-old killed in a crash involving a man who stole something from a store. sky force 10 over this scene at route 13 near the entrance to the town center. police say a man driving a jeep with a child inside was trying to get away. he ran a red light and crashed into another car. the impact throuew the child ou of the car. the thief got out and started running away, left the child behind. police caught up to him a time
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later. cydney long is on her way to the scene. she'll have a live report as soon as she gets there. >> president trump is in puerto rico to get a look at the damage from hurricane maria. he's also landing in the middle of controversy surrounding the emergency response to the island. keith jones joins us live in the breaking news center. the president spent the last week depending the government's action in puerto rico. >> the president says the government has done a good job responding to the devastation, but now it's time for puerto rican officials to step up. the president compared to what happened in texas from hurricane harvey and florida from hurricane irma. he gave the response to those disasters an a plus and says crews have done just as well in puerto rico. he also commented about the money used in the recovery efforts in the islands.
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>> e we saved a lot of lives. >> the presidential raised eyebrow when is he compared that storm. he said since 16 people died in this storm, it could have been a lot worse. the president is scheduled to leave puerto rico in about an hour. take a look at this video of fema workers in the national guard delivering more water to puerto rico. water is just one of the necessities that's been hard to come by ever since this storm. back here on the mainland, hundreds of evacuees arrived in florida this morning. this cruiseship brought them to fort lauderdale. everyone on board is either a u.s. citizen or resident. and more local help is headed to puerto rico right now to help with the recovery. 27 members of the new jersey army national guard arrived at joint base mcguire today. they will be flying from there to puerto rico. live in the breaking news center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. take a look at this.
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a home went up in flames in west philadelphia. crews used thousands of gallons of water to try to stop that fire. you can see the sky force 10 over the scene at 2:00 this afternoon. this is near 56th and gerard. we know the fire started in the kitchen. the good news here is no one was hurt. also a jackknife tractor-trailer made for slow commute this afternoon. happened in the eastbound lanes of the expressway near 476. you see the rig there on the side of the road. no injuries were reported here, but it did leave a mess for clean up crews. they were able to get all the oil and gas off the road in time for tonight's rush hour. no word on what caused that crash. police were setting up the crime scene investigation. we know people were shot just after noontime today. victims are in serious condition. both are expected to survive.
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to our weather now. a great day for a walk in the park maybe. people out walking skpen joying the sunshine. pretty nice temperatures out there. more sun at the shore. a live look at cape may where beach goers were soaking up the raies on a warm october day. >> first alert chief meteorologist tammie souza joins us. a great day to get outside. we're going to get more. >> and instead of that, we get the beautiful blue skies. out there. >> we're at 67 with the east wind off the ocean. that's why it's in the 60s along the jersey shore. in will ming to be you're at 72 with winds2out of the south at8
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miles per hour. we should be around 71 for a high this time of year. so other than the jersey shore, we're above that average. 54 will be the low tonight in philadelphia. 49 in allentown, 47 in mount holly. 50 in dover. 61 in vineland with patchy fog. i'll be back in just a few minutes. >> michelle obama addressed the conference for women in center city. lauren mayk joins us live from center city. >> what message did the first lady bring with her today? >> e she talked about parenting today. she talked about women's responsibilities when they have a seat at the table. no doubt michelle obama was the big draw for a lot of women here today. one woman told me she misses her in the white house. the former first lady made it clear she and her husband have more to do.
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they are just figuring out what that will look like. >> a room full of women welcomed michelle obama. she sat down for a conversation with tv executive shonda rhimes at a time when she says she's taking time to e reflect. >> it's been a decade of being shot out of a canon. >> now out of the white house, she says the slower pace feels good. but she and the former president are figuring out the next chapter. >> definitely at my age and barack's age, we're not ready to stop. >> it was a conversation at this conference that drilled down on women's empowerment. but squirted the edges of politics. the audience noticing when she talked about ethics ask how open opportunities are for her now. >> there were a lot of con strangts under the obama administration. there was a certain. expectation. there was a lot that e we couldn't do and we didn't do. because of our respect for the
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position. when it means to the country to have a commander-in-chief that actually upholds and honors the office. >> she didn't mention the current president by name, but made broader references to current events. >> i want women to watch this. i want you all to pay attention. because this is what happens when we don't stand up. we give our seats up to somebody who is supposed to be because of the stereotype notions of what we think power and success looks like. >> the former first lady included some humor at her husband's expense when it came to his presidential library. >> i keep telling barack, nobody is is going to come hear about his policies. they are going to come to see my dresses. >> she talked about building the library and also she is write ing a book. her vivid here in philadelphia falls on her anniversary. her husband had a surprise for her. we're going to show you that,
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coming up in our next hour. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. e we want to take you back to las vegas where lester holt has an nbc news special report. >> as police closed in, let's check in as we wait for this news conference with steve patterson in las vegas. >> we are learning about the background, but still know so little about what motivated this mass killing thrks press conference could contain any number of things. the most pertinent, the numbers that we have. the death toll, 59. that number could change. the number of injured, 527, that could go up or down depending on how many dead there are now in local hospitals. we know we have been get iting warnings from the coroner's office that that number may change based on the number of injured they took in in all of the hospitals. some of them were in serious
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condition. others were in critical condition. so that's something to watch for. orders, we're looking at the shooter. he lives in a retirement community. this was a quiet guy. this was a a guy who was a real estate investor and had a number of money. so we're trying to check into his background to see if this conference e reveals anything about his background or the numbers that we have. >> stay with us in las vegas. let me get to pete williams quickly. you have someç new report iing today about his recent transactions, his recent gambling. >> right, he had in the last couple weeks gambling transactions, over 16 of them, for more than $10,000 a piece. he was a high roller gambler. they know how it was he was able to fire shots so rapidly. he had something called a bump stock attached to the back of
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some of the rifles that he had, which basically allow you to use the recoil action of the rifle to fire the rifle very quickly. that's how he was able to get that sound of gunfire that sounded like a machine gun like automatic tire. they also say last week he wired $100,000 to the philippines. that's where his girlfriend is from. officials say that's where she was at the time of the attack that she was in the philippines visiting relatives. she's due back in the u.s. later this week. the las vegas police department is very eager to talk to her to see what she knows and if she had any idea if this was what he was preparing to do. >> to this point, authorities in las vegas have said they don't believe she had anything to do with the crime, correct? >> what they have said is they are sure she wasn't involved with it because she wasn't here at the time it happened, but i think they just don't know whether she had any idea he was planning this or talking about it and that's why they want to
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talk to her. >> and as we look at the room, they are testing the microphones now. there's a screen up. i presume we don't know what kind of video they might be showing us. >> we don't. we know they say they are going to show a video. we don't know what it is. it seems unlikely it's going to be the crime scene itself inside the hotel room. i just don't know what it is. we'll have to wait and see. >> if we could show that video that's just coming in. this is video outside the hotel room or rooms that were used by mr. paddock. what did they find inside of that room? >> if you go back to the begin ing and freeze that video, if it's possible, you can see down inside the door there one of the weapons that he used. now that is a sniper type rifle with a scope on the top. those two legs in front that fold down on the rifle, that's called a bipod. it gives whoever is firing the weapon more stability because
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you can ground the front end of the weapon and it makes it more accurate. so that's one of the weapons he had. they say now he had 23 weapons, sniper rifles like that and then more ar assault weapon type rifles with high capacity magazines that explains how he was able to fire so many rounds because he had the high capacity magazines and then the bump stock ob some of these weapons a allows the weapons to be fired sort of like a machine gun. automatically get iting all tha continuous. rapid fire that we heard on these video, when you hear the rounds going off. >> standby for us. steve patterson -- actually the news conference is just about to start. we'll come back to you. let's go to the sheriff of clark county joe lombardo.
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>> carlos? are we good? we're not going to e show any video. good afternoon, everybody. you are aware of who i am, sheriff joe lombardo, clark county. this is going to be a little different orchestration in this press conference compared to the rest. what i'm going to do right now, i think it's important that we address the victim issues we are experiencing and the resource issues that we are experiencing. so i'm going to key on that on the original portion of this. subsequently, the commissioner is going to provide some donation information and acknowledgment and then after that i will come back to the
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podium and address the overall investigation, where we stand and where we are going. reference to the investigation piece, i don't want to repeat of it's an ongoing investigation. so i will be limited in the details that i provide you. but hopefully we can get through this with some decorum. so please don't rush me all at once. when we get to the question phase, i will identify you if you raise your hand. sound fair? we'll get through this. so as matters formality our department has worked through the night to identify the victims of the mass shooting on route 91 harvest festival. we have identified all but three victims. we still have an active scene at the grounds so we ask anyone to stay away from that area until further notice. the fbi is working diligently to clear that scene.
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so the question is the fbi v versus us, we have partnered with the fbi, as i said, from the very beginning of this in an investigative phase. the fbi has brought a large amount of resources out of washington, d.c. to assist us with that. so the reason why the harvest festival is still in continuation of investigation is not only solely related to the removal of the victims, but is also documentation of the scene. so we're using the best practice technology to ensure that we have complete documentation. that's why it's taking a longer period of time associating with this. so we ask for everybody's patience. as far as las vegas boulevard, north and south we anticipate to be open shortly in the next few hours to benefit with commerce
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and what we do as a community. the key component here is resources and victim identification. bare with me. i'm going to try to get through this the best i can, but the important piece is if you missed a number, we are putting up on in the next hour the listing of all numbers i shall provide you today. and for people out in the public to contact us if they are lacking this or don't see this broadcast. we're asking for anyone who might have information about the shooting in a criminal capacity or a victim of the shooting to contact us via 311. if you are out of state and have left since the shooting and you have discover ed that you have become a victim or realize you have an injury associated to it, we're still acting you to contact us but 702-828-3111 is
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the out of state number. additionally, if you are a local and you have the ability to respond to a local substation, a working police substation, locals are familiar with and have the ability to file a report at that location. now the family reunification. all that is occurring at the family resource center at the convention center located at 3150 paradise road. you can go there to file a missing person report. you can go there to have contact with the coroner's office and to get answers to your questions as far as family reunificatioreuni. the phone number if you have left the area is 1-866-535-5654.
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now we ent went through a short process recently where that number was down. we provide d a separate number. but we will go back to that original number because we have the technical aspects of that f fixed. i want to be clear on the difference. if you are report iing a crime feel you are a victim of a crime, 311 is your outlet for a local police substation. if you are looking for victim information or family reunification, the family resource center on paradise road is your point of contact. now personal property. we're getting several questions throughout yesterday and continuing today, people attempting to recover their personal property from route ç scene. we are working out the e details of that. we are in the planning phase of that. we will have an answer for that in the next couple hours.
4:25 pm
so we'll provide an answer to that probably before we have another press conference. so we are working diligently to get individuals who left personal property at the scene back to them as soon as possible. i anticipate it will not take place at the route 91 location, but i do not want to give further clarification at that point. you will be provided that. the other issue is donations. you can imagine in any critical incident, the outpouring of support from private citizens, corporations, everybody else associated with concern for the victims is overwhelming. we appreciate that. but it comes a point we can't manage it. now the red cross is unable to manage it. we are unable to manage it at the substations. so if it's hard goods such as
4:26 pm
water or stuff that is not perishab perishable, three square and catholic charities is accepting those donations. so we're asking you to provide that information to your listening public and to accept donations at that point. so let me give you the addresses for those. catholic charities is at 1501 las vegas boulevard north. and three square is at 4190 north pecos road. at this point, i will turn it over to the commissioner and he will give you an update on the donation phase of this as far as victim satisfaction and then i will return and will conduct a q&a associating with the investigation. >> thank you, sheriff. we appreciate you all being here
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today to give you an update on where we stand. the fund has surfaced 3.dl 7 million as we speak. i want to bring we need a lot more resources. we're going to need more money. we have individuals that are going to need future surgeries and help moving forward. i want to acknowledge a few special individuals not included in that might be. last night a private citizen called the sheriff and i and contributed $500,000 to the fund. that is not included in the total this morning. wayne and kathleen newton and they have donated $100,000. that's not included in that total. for those who want the to contribute and don't want to do it on gofundme, you can mail a check to the county office or the sheriffs office. but i just got off the phone with mgm international and the sheriff and i both spoke to him
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and obviously they have stepped up in an enormous manner with this community. >> we continue to bring you live coverage from las vegas this afternoon. officials are updating the big headline there is identified all but three victims killed in the massacre. that means 56 names that they have linked to the bodies there at the scene. we'll continue to monitor that news conference and bring you new information that comes out of it. jacqueline london is live for us in las vegas track iing e day's developments. >> reporter: the city still reeling from sunday's shooting. nbc has obtained new surveillance video of the shooter at a different casino years ago. you're going to see that. plus details on how the shooting brought two strakers together forever. the emotional reunion that unfolded on live tv. those stories and more ahead as our coverage continues from las vegas. and we have a warm up on the
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way. take a look at these 80s. it's not going to feel like fall. it's going to feel like summer. for awhile. lock at the cold air behind that. we'll break it down for you with the full forecast straight ahead. also enough lethal drugs to kill half of montgomery county. the massive drug bust that could save lives, ahead at 5:00. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children.
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steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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we are coming to you live from las vegas where investigators are still working to pinpoint a motive for the attack that ended nearly 60 lives. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. coming to you live from las vegas. i'm here in front of the mandalay bay hotel. this morning i spoke to a couple from bucks county who says their hotel is adjacent to mandalay bay and weren't sure what
4:33 pm
happened that night. they heard the loud noiss not knowing it was gunfire. they realididn't raelsz until t next morning when they looked out the window. they saw the windows and all the debris down below. they say now they are afraid to look out because they know what it represents. we're hoping to speak with them a little later today. president trump spoke to reporters about the gunman this afternoon. president trump called him demented and phrasraised the la vegas police. >> he was a sick man, a demented man. a lot of problems. we're looking into him very seriously. but we're dealing with a very, very sick individual. >> meanwhile back here in las vegas, the search continues for clues about the motive of gunman stephen mad dock. this is new video of fbi agents looking through his room on the 32nd floor of the hotel. officials are trying to determine what prompted the 64-year-old to go on that
4:34 pm
massive shooting spree. while we may not know theç motive, details of his past are beginning to be revealed. this is just released security video from the hotel in 2011. it shows paddock slipping and falling as he walked from a hotel shop towards the casino. he sued the hotel but lost the case. an emotional moment this morning between one of the victims and the hero who helped him. it all played out on the "today" show. >> now you know his name but you didn't know him then. complete stranger. we were able to find james. i know you want. ed to thank him. so we brought him here.
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>> the the mab ob the right was shot trying to escape the concert. he was one of many concert goers stepped in to help others. >> at the jersey shore, the american flags are flying at half staff. >> the president plans to come here tomorrow. our coverage of the massacre continues with stories from survivors and heroism. also fooig knight will be from las vegas. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. >> news here at home, philadelphia making history
4:36 pm
today at the library in center city. >> an historic marker was unveiled in front of the library honoring dr. john fryer back in the early 70s, he fought against diagnosing homosexuality as a mental illness. it marks the fifth marker placed in the city. that's more than any city in the nation. >> they are going to charter school. it collided with the car you see there. no one was hurt. >> a week after she was found dead. >> police release this video of a man they expect of exposing himself in public. he'slinged to eight different
4:37 pm
incidents. he flashes women and usually strikes in downtown or along north broad. the water is back to normal at an elementary school in delaware county. glenwood elementary went five days without water and after officials found rust water crews were able to flush it out. the superintendent says everything is back to follow. also golfing for a good cause in montgomery county. they hosted the spca's eighth ab yule outing and dinner today. proceeds from this event go towards the spca's daily operations and care for the shelter animals. we have all been school d on the benefits of exercise. >> but you might not realize what an hour a week could do. what research says about just a little exercise and what it can safe you from down the road. a different type of practice for the eagles. why they traded footballs for
4:38 pm
yoga mats. that's ahead at 5:00. and here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. all three major stock indexes in the green this afternoon.
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another reason to hit the gym even for a short time. researchers say you can lower your risk of depression by half and one to two hours of physical activity a week is all you need. research published in the medical jushl finds a small amount of exercise could reduce cases of depression by 12%. skipping breakfast can harm your heart. middle aged adults who don't eat it are more likely to have clogged arteries. that could lead to heart attack and stroke. doctors think there are two main reasons people skip breakfast have other unhealthy habits.
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rocky was famous for his run through philadelphia. >> but the stallion has some competition. it's an unexpected encounter. who one lyft driver spotted during a late night job. that's stragight ahead. we have a weather warm up on the way. take a look. where's fall? not happening this week. it does come back in full force. i'll explain. come back if it your full forecast. a local lehigh valley man was two floors below the shooter in the same hotel when he opened fire down below. >> the problem we heard 30 bangs really fast. >> more on his story, coming up.
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here's a live look at lincoln financial field. it's quiet now. that's all going to change on
4:46 pm
sunday. the nfc east leading eaglesing on the cardinals. kickoff set for 1:00 p.m. and remember nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we have your free pass for exclusive coverage of the matchup against the cardinals on game day kickoff. then it's the eagles game plan at 10:00 a.m. make sure to watch after nbc 10 news. a lyft driver spotted joel embiid out on a late night jog through the city. there he is. the driver says he was picking a customer on the same route as embiid. he didn't know what to say except for one thing. >> trust the process. i love you. >> the season starts in 15 days. >> we really have to travel across country for the weekend to see a taping?
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>> what happens when the entire pearson family visits kevin in los angeles. you'll find out tonight on "this is us." the hit show also finds jack confronting demons. don't miss it tonight at 9:00 p.m. on nbc 10. we are peeking at the video that we have from the beach. tammie souza has it behind her and we're just picture whag we could be doing having a great time in the sand. it's so beautiful out there. >> it's so nice. we look at the pictures and come up with the whole stoirt about what we would be doing and who are those people. a great day to be at the beach. the surf is down much lower than it was the last couple weeks. we have some changes on the way. we're going to continueç to se the warm-up. cincinnati, 80 degrees. that's headed our way. look at this nasty cold front
4:48 pm
back here across the plain ps. very chilly air. heavy snow coming into places like montana. 74 in philadelphia. 71 in b mount holly. 74 in allentown. coatesville at 70. atlantic city at 70 degrees. so here's where we're going top we'll drop down to 67. 61 at 10:00. we'll see the moon with the high clouds. a little patchy fog might develop. so please be aware of that. it will burn off quickly tomorrow. we don't have anything showing up on the radar here. we have that big dome of high pressure guarding us and keeping everything off to the west and north of us. there's a lot to the west of us. look at that snow coming in through parts of montana and the rockies. this is north of denver and some strong storms ahead of it across the plains. it's a classic winter storm system, although it's not really winter yet. you can see with us we have
4:49 pm
winds keeping it cooler at the beaches. plenty of sunshine. tomorrow watch what happens. those winds fitting around and we're going to go out of the southwest. the rain tries to come in here thursday and friday. maybe someone seeing a sprinkle but we continue warming well into the 80s. and we end up seeing sunshine with a few clouds hanging around. again on friday, maybe up somewhere near the poconos and the lehigh valley. maybe someone picks up a sprinkle or shower. but it looks like the best chance of rab moves in here sunday. 50 in south jersey. 52 for all of you in delaware. we are looking at our realistic sky olympibringing plenty of su. 9 in delaware. your ten-day on ten. we should see 71 as the daytime high. 80 tomorrow. 8 on thursday. a shower again in the lehigh
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valley. 80 on saturday. and then for the eagles, maybe a scattered shower moving through the area late in the day. a chance of rain on columbus day. we don't cool down until the end of next week. we have some breaking news about septa's regional rail. we justed inbound service on the west trenton line suspended from west trenton to jenkinstown stations. >> inbound service on the west trenton line suspended right now. we'll bring you any updates a as they become available. what's in the water? we went to look for a few fish, but he went to look for a few fish and ended up getting more than bargained for. the warning signs, straight ahead.
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more breaking along columbus boulevard. what you're looking at here, crews on the scene of a chemical leak at a plant here. it's not clear what kind of chemical has leaked, but owe see the crews there on the scene in the trucks. we'll try to get more information for you. chemical leak at a plant there on columbus boulevard in philly. to this now at 4:00, parasite invasion. this fisherman says what you see here is the result of casting his net in delaware waters. it began with him feeling a gnawing sensation below his knees. ended with the nasty itch that has others being warned tonight. the gnawing that fisherman felt was a parasite burroing under
4:55 pm
his skin. tim furlong shows us others are being warned about what could be lurking in the water. >> on the delaware bay, you hope to catch fish. >> you can still see it kind of oozes a little bit. >> reporter: he caught a parasite. >> my legs were on fire. i was taking as much benadryl as i could. >> reporter: he knew he was getting the parasite as he was fishing. he's had swimmers itch before and it gets worse each time you get it. painful and annoying, yes. life threatening, no. some of his buddies have gotten milder cases. he pushed to have signs put up. it hasn't kept people out of the water. e we hear what it feels like. we see for ourselves what it looks like. the obvious question is it something that should keep us out of the bay? >> would you swim in the bay? >> yeah, sure. >> the professor says swimmers
4:56 pm
itch is is a parasite thats with this mud snails that show up in bays all over the atlantic coast. >> it's more of a bay thing. the mud snails are not on the ocean coast. the it can carry ten or 12 species. it's a problem for humans. that's the one this guy got. >> reporter: that one parasite is clearly a nasty one, but he says he thinks floyd is just unlucky. most people swimming in the area probably wouldn't have gotten swimmers itch, but it is a possibili possibility. it took him days to get a boot back on to go back to work. >> just from experience when i see them, i'm going to stay out of the water. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> probably a good idea. we're working on several new stories for our news at 5:00. here's keith jones. we continue to follow the latest out of las vegas. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live along the strip now. >> reporter: we are learn iing
4:57 pm
more about the history of the gunman. money that he wired to the philippines just days beforeç e shooting as the victims who lost their lives in the massacre. i'll have these stories coming up. and drugs so dangerous they can kill just from being breathed in or touched. new at 5:00, the shopping area where police made the bust. and developing in bucks county, a child died after he was thrown from a robbery suspect's car. we're live on that scene at 5:00. ♪
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massacre in las vegas. at this hour police are working to identify victims and reunite survivors with their loved ones. you have to help. president trump's message for survivors in puerto rico as he tours the battered island. investigators find a drug staff that's potent enough to kill half the population of a local county. the last hour, new details emerge from las vegas following the deadliest shooting in modern american history. the clark county sheriff confirms all but three victims from sunday night's shooting rampage have been identified. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. investigators are trying to piece together what prompted a 64-year-old man to open fire on a country music


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